Will your advertising comply with all the legal and commercial obligations that apply to it?

Be safe – order a SwanLegal Advertising Review to make sure.

Expert legal opinion with 24 hour turnaround.

Why you should consider an advertising review

Failure to comply with legal and commercial obligation may incur penalties and adverse publicity. It's therefore prudent to ensure that your ad, campaign, sales or marketing material complies with NZ law and industry codes of practice.

A SwanLegal Advertising Review will cover:
  • All applicable New Zealand law (including Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Privacy Act)
  • Commerce Commission issues
  • Ministry of Consumer Affairs issues
  • NZ Advertising Standards Authority Code of Practice issues
  • NZ Direct Marketing Association Code of Practice issues
How to order a SwanLegal Advertising Review 

Send us the material to be reviewed as an email attachment or otherwise, with your instruction to review the material. We will provide you a quote when your order is placed upon acceptance of which we will email you our compliance review report within 24 hours. We will also provide drafting or procedural recommendations to fix any non-compliant elements.
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