Is our advertising legal?

· Qualified legal review service
· 24 hour turnaround

SwanLegal offers pragmatic, commercially-oriented advice to help advertisers achieve their objectives, while complying with all applicable laws.

Among other services, we offer an advertising review, with a 24 hour turnaround, to check your advertising for compliance with applicable New Zealand law including Advertising Codes of Practice.

We advise advertisers and advertising agencies, also PR and design companies, film producers.  

Advertising and Media Law Services

Regulatory compliance
Review of advertising material for compliance with statutory requirements under Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees Act, Privacy Act and related legislation, and with Advertising Codes of Practice regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority.

Complaint resolution
Representation of advertisers, advertising agencies, retailers and service providers on complaints to the Commerce Commission, Advertising Standards Authority, Broadcasting Standards Authority, Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Privacy Commissioner.

Compliance programmes
Development and implementation of compliance programmes with corporates and industry groupings.

Education and seminars
Education and presentations on recent developments in consumer and media law. Identifying boundaries and review of recent decisions and determinations of regulatory bodies.

Submissions to government and related bodies on changes to legislation and self regulatory codes including appearances before Select Committees and regulatory organisations.

Film, talent and special employment contracting, engagement contracts, terms of trade, media and production house arrangements, copyright. 
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